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Geneva, Switzerland

FOLD is the endeavour of two friends, young mums, with a very international horizon and their feet firmly set in Geneva's suburbs. From their education and experience in the world of fashion Vanessa and Virginia have developed a taste for minimalism and quality. With two babies on the way, they united to create FOLD leather, a collection born with their babies in spring 2015. Aiming for simplicity, the collection is created around a few models with a signature "FOLD-fold" that allows a voluminous bag to be created out of a single piece of leather with, virtually, no stitching. Produced in a french workshop, each bag benefits from the undistracted attention of two skilled leather craftsmen. Entirely handmade the bags are crafted in carefully selected bovine hides from french tanneries. FOLD's philosophy is to accompany its owner elegantly in its simplicity.

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